Speaker highlight: Dieter Wijckmans

Please meet another awesome Lowlands Unite 2018 speaker; Dieter Wijckmans!

Dieter is a 5 year MVP in Cloud and Datacenter. He’s active for +15 year in various IT environments witnessing the shift from on-prem to virtualization to cloud. He’s a board member of the scug.be. As a speaker on various events he’s sharing his knowledge on the latest and greatest in  Microsoft technology. His motto illustrates his way of working: Don’t overthink it… It’s doing common things uncommonly well that brings success.

Dieter will present the following session at Lowlands Unite
Stop reinventing the wheel: Integrate Log analytics in your existing procedures and tools.

A lot of people are trying to replace what’s already there in their environment. Sometimes they succeed, mostly they don’t. Make a mind shift from replacing to combining your existing tools with the unlimited power of Log Analytics. Join this session to find out how you can speed up your Azure adoption in your company with tips and tricks from the real world.

Join us on November the 6th and secure your FREE ticket now: https://www.meetup.com/WMUG_NL/events/254578235/